Called to Lead

By Eugene Seals and Matthew Parker, eds.
Chicago : Moody (1995). 196 Pages.

Reviewed by Dr. Alex Montoya
7.1 (Spring 1996) : 141-142

Called to Leadis about African American leaders and its purpose is to inspire the next generation of African American leaders. The authors are both leaders in the black community. Eugene Seals is Founder and President of Quality Publishing Systems in West Bloomington, Michigan. Matthew Parker is President of the Institute for Black Family Development, and a consultant to a number of Christian organizations.

The list of contributors is a Who's Who of leaders in the Black Community. Some of the chapters and contributors include,

"A Call to Leadership Is a Call to Character" by Charles Ware

"Filling the Leadership Vacuum" by John M. Perkins

"Prayer is Leadership" by Joseph C. Jeter, Sr.

"Called to Lead Existing Organizations" by Eugene Seals.

The book also includes a number of chapters written by African American women such as Delores L. Kenney-Williams, Sherry Sherrod Dulree, and Beverly Yates.

Written in a popular, down-to-earth style, its design is to encourage the layman as well as the existing leadership. It is a book to inspire black Americans to take charge of their lives and of their institutions.

Non-blacks can profit much from this little glimpse at the life and times of black leadership. Some of the principles described apply to any culture and serve anyone interested in becoming a leader. Here is a welcome contribution to Christian leadership preparation.