The Devil's Delusion, Atheism and Its Scientific Pretentions

By David Berlinski
New York : Crown Forum (2008). 237 Pages.

Reviewed by Dr. F. David Farnell
20.1 (Spring 2009) : 95-95

Berlinski has a Ph.D. from Princeton University and has taught mathematics and philosophy at universities in the United States and France. He is a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute in Seattle and lives in Paris.

Though not a theist by any stretch of the imagination, Berlinski’s task in the book is more toward freedom of thought in exposing the scientific fallacies and pretentions of atheism that has been recently seen in such authors as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, and Christopher Hitchens. Berlinski is a secular Jew, who admits he knows no Hebrew, nor has Judaism had any impact on his thinking. However, with a delightful wit and acerbic manner, Berlinski exposes the false assertions of scientism masquerading in universities as proof against traditional religious belief. Among his conclusions regarding today’s militant atheism in science, he demonstrates the following: science has not even come close to disproving God’s existence, the bankruptcy of quantum physics to explain the origin of the universe, secularism has caused more damage, destruction, and death than religion ever has (e.g., Hitler and Darwin). He also highlights the oppression of scientific “orthodoxy” that rigorously tries to destroy anything that would suggest a higher power. His conclusion is that scientific atheism is a frivolous exercise in intellectual contempt. T his book is a spin-off from the movie Expelled by Ben Stein. It is incisive, witty, and boldly bares the hypocrisy of the orthodox, atheistic scientific community by exposing its false claims. It is a thought-provoking book that every Christian who believes in creation should read.