Called to Be Church. The Book of Acts For A New Day

By Anthony B. Robinson and Robert W. Wall
Grand Rapids : Eerdmans (2006). 286 Pages.

Reviewed by Dr. Alex Montoya
19.2 (Fall 2008) : 282-282

Anthony B. Robinson is a pastor in the United Church of Christ and Robert W. Wall is a professor of Christian Scriptures at Seattle Pacific University. Together they have written this volume as an exposition of selected passages from the Book of Acts with a present-day application of these passages.

In fourteen chapters they cover the main movements of the Book of Acts, from the birth of the church in Antioch through its growth, conflicts, and ultimate spread to the Gentile world. The final eight chapters of Acts are summed up in a discussion on church/state relations. The fifteenth and final chapter of the book are their concluding reflections.

Each chapter has two sections. First, there is a general exposition and explanation of the passage done in a non-technical manner, void of references, many quotations, and outside substantiation. The authors draw from the previous commentary by Wall in the New Interpreter’s Bible series. The exposition is basically good, but certain liberal tendencies bleed through.

The second portion of the chapter is an attempt to make a contemporary application of the lesson learned from each section discussed. The authors give some great insight into how to learn to do church from the life of the early church. They show a keen knowledge of the relevant issues confronting the church today, and this work can be a valuable tool in knowing how to address them. Not all the applications were on target, but enough is given to make this a good tool in the study of the church.