The Unity Factor

By Larry W. Osbourne
Dallas, TX : Word (1989). 156 Pages.

Reviewed by Dr. Richard Mayhue
1.2 (Fall 1990) : 0-0

Leadership Journal polled pastors with the question, "What causes you to feel discouraged in ministry?" Nearly forty percent of the respondents answered, "Board meetings." To meet this obvious need, Larry Osbourne, pastor of North Coast Evangelical Free Church in Oceanside, California, writes from his own experiences.

Why worry about unity? According to Osbourne: (1) If leadership is not unified, the flock will be divided. (2) It is impossible to sustain spiritual growth without unity. (3) Because unity is so fragile, it constantly needs attention.

In his twelve chapters, Osbourne assumes a biblically based theology and builds on it practical discussions ranging from the pragmatics of meeting location to establishing the pastor's salary. Each chapter stands alone, but together they all contribute constructively to eliminating common sources of disruption.

Several discussions stand out. Leadership selection (chap. 3), clarifying the pastor's role (chap. 5), a basic philosophy for preaching (chaps. 8-9), and change diplomacy (chap. 10) all help make The Unity Factor "must" reading for every pastor and elder-level leader in the church.