Handbook on the Pentateuch. 2nd ed.

By Victor P. Hamilton
Grand Rapids : Baker (2005). 468 Pages.

Reviewed by Dr. Michael Grisanti
19.1 (Spring 2008) : 123-123

In the new edition of this very helpful book, Hamilton offers an expanded and revised treatment of the Pentateuch, not so much as a verse-by-verse commentary, but as a chapter or section-by section overview, highlighting key details along the way. Hamilton is a clear writer who makes numerous helpful observations, noticing key structural features and dealing with controversial issues throughout the Pentateuch. He is succinct without being vague. Although Hamilton sometimes takes a view that is only moderately conservative, his work will enhance any reader’s understanding of and appreciation for the message of the Pentateuch.

The bibliographies at the end of each section are significantly expanded with references to works published since the first edition. The new edition includes a helpful subject index, but for some reason did not retain the name and Scripture index of the first edition. Even if a person owns the first edition, this volume would be a welcome addition to someone’s library.