Payday Someday and Other Sermons by Robert Greene Lee

By Timothy and Denise George, eds.
Nashville, TN : Broadman & Holman (1995). 280 Pages.

Reviewed by Dr. Alex Montoya
7.1 (Spring 1996) : 120-121

Timothy and Denise George have put their hearts and pens together to give the Christian reading public a series of books entitled Baptist Classics. From America's largest Protestant denomination, the Southern Baptists, they paint the portraits of some of their most colorful and influential preachers.

Payday Somedayis a compilation of some of the best and most famous sermons by Dr. R. G. Lee when he was pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee. This reviewer had an opportunity to hear a cassette tape of the famous sermon by Lee called "Payday Someday," and so was pleased to see a book featuring the preacher's best sermons.

The book contains a brief biography of Dr. Lee in which the editors show the great influence he had for Christ and also upon the Southern Baptist Convention. Then it offers the reader twelve of the most effective sermons Dr. Lee preached.

These sermons are not expositions of texts or passages of Scripture. They are vintage sermons, oratorical masterpieces, framed to entice the soul into heaven rather than instruct the mind. A comparison of the written with the spoken sermon shows that much of the Dr. Lee's impact in preaching was delivery and not merely in the sermon's crafting.

The editors intended the book to be a help to students of preaching. The last section of the book contains questions for group discussion and personal reflection. The simple fact that a man's sermons earn so much attention marks the stature of this famous preacher.

The volume is not for those looking to improve their expositional preaching, but it will bless one's soul and move a preacher to better crafting of his sermons. Non-Baptists can thank the Georges for preserving such a rich heritage.

Timothy George is Senior Editor of Christianity Today and Founding Dean of Beeson Divinity School. His wife is a prolific writer in her own right.