The Cup and the Glory

By Gregory Harris
Woodland, Tex : Kress Christian (2006). 170 Pages.

Reviewed by Ray Mehringer
18.2 (Fall 2007) : 257-258

Dr. Jim Rosscup says in his article on “The Priority of Prayer in Preaching” that “prayer is not an elective but the principal element in the kaleidoscope of spiritual characteristics that mark a preacher. These traits unite into a powerful spiritual force. They build a spokesman for God.” In The Cup and the Glory written by the professor of Bible exposition at The Master’s Seminary, Greg Harris presents a powerful spiritual force that challenges the reader to live out what Scripture reveals on the road of suffering. The lessons he draws are sign posts on this road that reveal the human heart, the depravity of man, the believer’s ongoing struggle with trust, the walk of faith, the unexpected challenges, the bearing up under adversity, God’s work of perfecting, and the sufferer’s increased sensitivity to Go d’s glory.

As I sat around the dinner table with several TMS men, the discussion of this book centered on the very personal nature of suffering and how Professor Harris’ lessons on suffering caused many to examine wounds that had festered, but had never healed. One talked about the death of a believing father while dealing with the contempt for a hard-hearted, faithless mother; another discussed anger and disappointment with God over the suffering of his child; and still another added only tears for a brother dying of cancer. That, then, is the real strength of the book; it draws the reader into a biblical discussion of suffering and stimulates examination where pain may have been a roadblock. As Dr. Harris states, “Deep treasures lay embedded in God’s Word, ready to be mined and assayed.” This boo k is rich with spiritual principles mined by a prospector eagerly willing to share his nuggets of truth with biblical certainty. If you liked D. A. Carson’s book on prayer, A Call to Spiritual Reformation, or D. Edmond Hiebert’s book, Working with God Through Prayer, you will thoroughly enjoy The Cup and the Glory . . . again and again and again.