This Little Church Stayed Home: A Faithful Church in Deceptive Times

By Gary E. Gilley
Darlington, England : Evangelical (2006). 190 Pages.

Reviewed by Dr. Richard Mayhue
18.1 (Spring 2007) : 124-125

This cleverly titled volume follows on the heels of the author’s first work, This Little Church Went to Market. In it, Gilley passionately urges the church to be biblically discerning in an era of dangerous deception.

The book consists of 15 chapters unfolded in four sections:

  1. A Postmodern World
  2. The Church’s Mandate
  3. The Scriptures
  4. Pressing Challenges

As one might expect, the author espouses a high view of God, a high view of Scripture, and a high view of the church. He seeks to expose those who attempt to impose upon the church a low view, i.e., less than fully biblical, of any one or all of the three afore-mentioned non-negotiables.

For those who wonder about George Barna, Brian McLaren, Rick Warren, the Emerging Church movement, the purpose-driven life fad, and/or postmodernism’s impact on the church, this well-written alert should be a must read.