Archaeological Commentary on the Bible

By Gonzalo Baez-Camargo
Garden City : Doubleday (1986). 288 Pages.

Reviewed by Dr. Richard Mayhue
1.2 (Fall 1990) : 201-202

Gonzalo Baez-Camargo (deceased 1983) was a distinguished journalist, lecturer, biblical scholar, and author who wrote from a scholar's reservoir of knowledge but with a pastor's need for quickreference volumes in view. The sequence of material in this helpful work follows the biblical text from Genesis to Revelation.

Over seventy percent of the book covers the OT and twenty percent the Gospels and Acts. Thus the NT epistles receive little space. The bibliography has the literature through 1980 but no later. Baez-Camargo is weakest in discussing the historical accuracy of the Bible (pp. xx-xxii). At various points he explains miracles as natural events (e.g., Josh 3:16). The book's strengths include its arrangement, its index of persons and places, and its cross-references to a wider range of archaeological journals and books.

When used with caution to avoid its theological defects, this digest of background information can enrich a pastor's preaching, particularly in the OT and the Gospels and Acts.