Mastering Church Finances

By Richard L. Bergstorm, Gary Fenton and Wayne A. Pohl
Portland, Oregon : Multnomah (1992). 166 Pages.

Reviewed by Dr. Alex Montoya
4.1 (Spring 1993) : 96-97

Mastering Church Finances is a somewhat misleading title since it does not really help one master the area of finance in a church. The book is much too brief and the topic much too broad. Actually the authors set out to help the minister avoid some dangerous pitfalls in the raising and spending of money.

The book's limitations are probably not traceable to the credentials of the authors. They all serve the institutional church well and are making a valuable contribution to the financial integrity of the church. Richard Bergstrom is with Church Dynamics International, a church consulting ministry. Gary Fenton comes with experience in fund raising and church building, having served in six pastorates. Wayne Pohl has led his church through two building programs.

Though the brevity of the book is a drawback, the volume serves a useful purpose in giving the positive side of raising funds. The authors stress the spiritual and vital nature of money in local churches, an aspect of ministry that ministers too often neglect. The other excellent emphasis of the book is on the care to be taken in the raising and spending of money. The accounts given are valuable for those who may be inclined to careless expenditure of church funds.

Among the better chapters are, "The Spiritual Side of Mammon," "Developing Generous Givers," "Ministry to Deep-Pocket Donors," and "Insuring Financial Integrity."