Tuition fees only cover a bit more than half of the cost of education, the rest is provided by the Lord, through a variety of scholarships and tuition grants funded by endowments and the sacrificial gifts of friends and in particular, members of Grace Community Church.

Assistance from your home church does more than help meet the budget—it provides an accountability for the student and a prayer commitment by the church. Consequently, students are encouraged to discuss financial assistance possibilities with their pastor and church leaders.

Seminary Tuition Comparison
TMS has one of the lowest tuitions of any non-denominational seminary, compare TMS to 19 other D. Min programs.

Matching Funds Program
TMS provides a matching funds program to work with your local church to subsidize the costs.

Needs Based Scholarships
TMS offers a number of Grants and Scholarships, please feel free to review the details.

Tuition Payment Plan
TMS gives students an option of an Extended Payment Plan (5-month payment plan) for each semester.

Graduating with No Debt
TMS believes this is very possible, please consider what we need to ask about how the Lord provides.

Local Housing and Jobs
Browse our online resources to get to know the opportunities, costs, and benefits of life in Southern California.