1. The seminary emphasizes the expositional preaching and teaching of God's inerrant Word in its curriculum.

  2. The faculty is unified on the doctrinal statement and purpose of the seminary.

  3. The seminary reinforces my beliefs and I won't have to fight for them.

  4. The seminary stresses excellence in the theological discipline which will equip me for a lifetime of understanding and proclaiming Scripture.

  5. The seminary provides personalized discipleship with an emphasis on stimulating spiritual growth in both students and faculty members.

  6. The seminary stresses local church ministry involvement.

  7. The seminary has a biblical approach to training men for expository preaching.

  8. The location of the seminary offers opportunities for ministry involvement both culturally and cross-culturally.

  9. The local economy provides employment opportunities.

  10. The seminary has a solid history of effective placement service to ministry upon graduation.

  11. The seminary provides a lifetime relationship and continuing education upon graduation.

  12. The faculty models the appropriate content of godly character, scholastic excellence and ministry commitment.

  13. The faculty is committed to a specialized writing ministry beyond the seminary classroom.

  14. The seminary articulates a biblical philosophy of church ministry and worship.

  15. The seminary trains for spiritual leadership from a biblical perspective.

  16. The seminary training is conducted in the midst of a local church environment.

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