The seminary designates a period at the beginning of each fall and spring semester for reception, registration, and orientation. These periods provide opportunities for new students to become acquainted with faculty, other personnel, programs, procedures, and facilities.

All students will be notified by mail regarding the fall and spring orientation and registration schedules. The dates for these events are also included in the school calendar at the back of this catalog. Click Here to view the current academic calendar. The following events are especially important components of the orientation and registration procedures:

  1. Greek proficiency examinations or other types of examinations are scheduled for these periods.
  2. Each student is assigned a faculty academic adviser and is required to have an interview with his adviser at least once each semester. The adviser's signature approving course enrollments is a prerequisite for each registration. Lists of advisers are posted in the registration area.
  3. All students are expected to register on the assigned day(s) and during the assigned hours. A late registration fee of $50 will be charged for registration up to one week late, and $75 for registration more than one week late. After two weeks no late registration or addition of classes is permitted.
  4. Registration is not complete until financial obligations have been completed with the business office.