Now that you have been accepted and paid your $250 to hold your spot in the semester’s class, many students ask, "what next?" Here are some things that normally begin to happen until you sit in your first class:

You will begin to receive regular correspondence from TMS concerning what classes you can take, how to register for those classes, how to obtain your books & syllabi, information on housing and jobs through the TMS Weekly, and contact from your orientation leader.

For those moving from other countries, TMS will be the focal point for all your visa needs.

Many of you will be moving and we are here to assist you with determining places to live and help moving into your apartment or home.

One week before the start of the school year the seminary will host an orientation to help you make the adjustment to graduate level study, introduce you to other new students, and ensure that you are headed in the right direction as you begin the start of the academic year.

For those of you who are married, your wife will have the opportunity to meet other new wives and faculty wives at the dessert reception. In addition, we will provide an outlet to encourage and instruct her for her future ministry with you through the Seminary Wives Discipleship.


  1. Have all items on my application been completed? (transcripts, updates)
  2. Have I registered and loaded my shopping cart with approved classes?
  3. Have I received a confirmation about my classes from Professor Mehringer?
  4. Have I kept my Orientation Leader aware of my moving plans?
  5. Have I informed the seminary of my new address and phone number?
  6. Have I ensured my schedule is open for the week of Orientation?
  7. Have I obtained the book list and begun the process of purchasing my books?
  8. Have I downloaded my syllabi and reviewed the assignments?
  9. Have I studied the English Refresher Booklet?
  10. Have I received the TMS Weekly and the Grace Community Church Opportunity Sheet?

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