Recommendations concerning pre-seminary studies may also be found in the specific admission requirements for any degree programs found at the Degree Program Overview page.

Greek Prequisite

Though not required, it is expected that applicants will have completed a program of Beginning Greek at the undergraduate level. All who have done so must take a Greek proficiency examination as a part of the orientation procedures for the first semester of enrollment. Those who pass the examination should enroll in Greek Exegesis I and II for the first full year of their seminary programs. Those who do not pass the exam are required to enroll in and pass NT401/402, or NT 403, at The Master's Seminary.

Students enrolling without having taken Beginning Greek should take Hebrew Grammar I and II during their first year and Beginning Greek during the summer between the first and second years. An alternative is to enroll in Beginning Greek during the summer prior to the first year, then take Greek Exegesis I and II during the first year and Hebrew Grammar I and II the second year.

Beginning Greek credits do not count toward the 98 hours required for graduation; however, grades earned are factored into the student's grade point average.