To adhere unswervingly to the founding purpose of training pastors to shepherd and equip Christ's church.

To keep The Master's Seminary faithful to its biblical foundations. All biblical content is to be based on God's inerrant Word and developed through the exegetical process. The curriculum must constantly reflect scriptural absolutes to avoid deviation from God's truth.

To enrich faculty leadership. Every member of The Master's Seminary faculty fits a fivefold profile in that they are all men of God, men of the Word, men of scholarship, men of Christ's church, and men of compassion.

To insist on an educational philosophy that is consistent with Scripture by:

  1. Majoring on biblical certainty, not doubt or theory.
  2. Striving for spirituality in The Master's Seminary students, not intellectualism alone.
  3. Preparing men to serve the Lord, not merely to know about the Lord.
  4. Emphasizing a methodical, disciplined approach to studying Scripture rather than using a haphazard approach.
  5. Encouraging excellence and never accepting mediocrity.
  6. Expecting the faculty to be examples, not merely experts.
  7. Stressing the imperative to function in the body of Christ, not merely function as an individual.

To emphasize the well-articulated goals of The Master's Seminary—both personal and pastoral:


  1. To cultivate a holy, intimate relationship between every student and God.
  2. To produce compassionate men who have gracious relationships with others.


  1. To study God's Word with precision.
  2. To speak God's message with power.
  3. To serve God's purpose with zeal.
  4. To shepherd God's flock with care.
  5. To fight God's battle with courage.

Only by maintaining these personal and pastoral goals will The Master's Seminary build the complete man of God.